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PUBG Mobile : Marching (TIMI) Better Than Original PUBG Download Link !


Endeavor PUBG Mobile: Marching, the guaranteed adaptable round of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

[Get all that you eager in this genuine version]

With Unreal Engine 4, addressing the PUBG world just like the main PC adjustment.

Time to see your fellas, including armed force establishment, Yasnaya Polyana, Kar98K, 8x-extension and all that you conspicuous.

[Small Screen, Same Pleasure]

All the development of characters and weapons are optimized for adaptable. Experience wonderful gaming happiness despite lying on a bed.

[Fight to be No.1, Now or never]

100 players, sensible preoccupation. Show your doing combating method and value the uncommon gaming foundation.

Champ victor, chicken dinner!

What's new

- New maps, new weapons -

(1) New guide: Sanno wild show up. The Sano Jungle is a little tropical island wild combat area, with angry battle experience, stand-out Southeast Asian style scenes, and undulating wild an area. Streak the wild to eat chicken quickly, just sitting tight for you!

(2) New weapons: QBZ strikes. Another 5.56mm assault rifle was incorporated: QBZ, the private light airborne to the Jedi, the officers encountered a sharp weapon, the battle region associates included quality, this chicken does not eat!

- New structure, new features -

(1) New store work, the mates tap on the ordnance get in the lower left corner of the passage to enter, you can see the execution and data of all weapons in the present adjustment.

(2) Add another weapon finding custom, and the amigo can change the style and shade of the visually impaired, red touch reflect, holographic mirror, 2x reflect and 3x find glass in the setting interface. Basically gun taking people is all the more relentless!

(3) New course prompts. In the new frame, the buddies can undeniably watch the course of this outing at the beginning, and the course system is prepared of time!

(4) The new gathering structure, the new gathering system will a little while later introduction, after the mate joins the gathering, they can get the consistently amass compensate through the [Team Team Treasure Box], and complete the step by step select [Team Week Mission] won't simply get a huge amount of [Team Reputation]. I can contribute more to my own specific quality, and help the gathering to strike the full organization peak [team leaderboard], and clasp hands with companions to make brilliance!

(5) Add another gathering strip mall, you can use the gathered gathering reputation to exchange the specific cool props of various gatherings. This time, the gathering is to a great degree doing combating!

Point by point information

-Record Size :

-Current Version :

-Revive Time :
Jun 29, 2018


Customer's Review

Five-star applaud, served

As an old player who has ambushed the whole equipped power. Today is debilitating, just give the old irons a look at the experience articles of clothing have showed up, so get it

1. The re-attempt of the hall, after the re-attempt resembles the jar, anyway better

2. The photograph quality is updated. After the photograph quality is changed, it is more grounded, and it is closer to the end. (Uncommon look, wonderful look, fantastic look!)

3. Weapons pull back. Skip back, the sentiment of attack is upgraded (the learning of the water outfitted power is coming to sprinkle)

4. The frivolity of Jedi Island, the Jedi Island after the overhaul is closer to the end, joined the wooden house and the fence (can be knocked off with the vehicle)

5. The new mode key pro, incorporated a lot of props, independently: Explosion-check shield: put a shield in one place to restrict slugs, with strength. . . Lift: Place a two-story stage and play on the housetop later. . . Electric stagger trap: Do you understand, electric daze. . . Holographic bramble: Place a shrubbery in the pointing an area, the welfare of lyb! . . . Holographic trees: tree making. . . Broadsword Mine: See the accompanying line of the red line. . . Doll target: deliver a doll like yourself, won't move. . . Enticing the enemy: a doll that will push ahead. . . Stone (neglected name): revealing a foot, the whole body is enveloped by stones, lyb's smile (this mode gets the consent of the blue hole, the adroit water outfitted power can shower it coolly) ps: this mode even blue opening can breathe a sigh of relief

6. New gun 556 whip: QBU

7. The weapons skin appears on a huge scale, and each one of them can be made. (The savvy of the water outfitted power: 氪金啦氪金啦, you will consume money at first!)

Everything considered, the above is the substance to be invigorated soon, the whole outfitted power cows cluster, the whole equipped power dairy cows bundle, the whole furnished power steers gathering!

There is in like manner the force of the mobile phone. The power use of my oppo9 is all in all fast.

Parceling line -

I didn't express a bit at the last time, this time I made up.

8. Optimized the hurling of the shot, can be high hurl and low hurl

9. Optimized the action of climbing, the climbing improvement is more normal

10. Change of room splendor (won't be lit)

11. Optimization of little eye turning action

12. Show of advancement cartridge

13. Optimize modified picking, you can settle the amount of picks

So, Now If you want to download the game just click below -