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Free Independence Day Wishing Script For Blogger 2018 - Andro Lift

Independence Day Free Wishing Script

Hello Guys,
 I am Naman and today I am going to give you the latest 15 August Viral Wishing Script FREE with download link.
Independence Day Free Wishing Script For Blogger

Many people wants different wishing script for different festival. So, here are the 2 Best Free Independence Day Viral Script For You (Blogger)
But First of all know the requirement for this script -
- You must have a blog on blogger.
- You must be 18 years old to show ads on blog

Here is the two main requirement to use this script on your blog
Independence Day Free Wishing Script, 15 August Free Wishing Script

Now the questions is-

• Can I use this script on blogger ?
Yes, absolutely you can use this script on blogger
• How to Add this script on blogger ?
Here are the important steps to add Wishing script on blogger

Step 1 - Go to blogger, In the main blog Click on the Δ Down Button

Step 2 - Click on "New Blog"

Step 3 - Enter the name of your new blog and unqiue address for your blog (ex - https://wishing-independence-day-2018.blogspot.com)

Step 4 - Click on create blog. Your new blog is ready.
Now some Very Important Steps -

Step 1 - In your new blog go to "Theme" Option

Step 2 - There are many themes but choose the right theme which is "Contempo" In the Contempo Section, Choose the Second Theme. Nothing else, It is Very Important

Step 3 - Now after choosing "Second theme in Contempo Section" Click on Revert to Classic theme.

Step 4 - Now your is turn on classic theme.

Step 5 - Delete the whole HTML code from the "HTML Box" And Paste the new HTML code.

Independence Day Free Wishing Script

What is the new HTML Code ?
Oh.. It is Wishing script HTML Code. Which you have to copy and paste it in your theme. All the steps are given above.

Where is the Wishing Script ?
Here are the three download link for you you can use it on your blogger. But first there are some conditions to use the Wishing Script On Your Blog.
Conditions -
• It is free script so, You can not sell them.
• You cannot remove the credits of the the real owner from HTML Code.

If you not follow the conditions above, the owner of the script ( Wishing Script ) The owner of the Script can take action against you. So, please follow the conditions.

Independence Day Free Wishing Script Download 

#1 Script by Tech Ripon (Blogger + Youtuber)

#2 Script by All Hindi Me Help (Youtuber + Blogger)
Independence Day Free Wishing Script For Blogger

How to Download ?
- Click on the download button.
- Wait for 5 Seconds (If the link is not working mail us at gamingtriangle123@gmail.com. We will reply you with new download links)
- Click on 'NEXT' Button.
- You will be redirected to the GOOGLE Drive Page. Download the Whole HTML Code in your computer or laptop
- Done ! Now paste it in your HTML Box in Blogger
How ? All the steps are given above

Independence Day Free Wishing Script Download Now.

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Special Thanks to -
Tech Ripon
All Hindi Me Help
to make this Free Independence Day Viral Wishing Scripts.

Independence Day Free Wishing Script

Final Words -
This Wishing Script is only for bloggers   and it is totally free to use it. But, please follow the condition. Don't try to sell the Script Because it is free for everyone. Don't try to remove the credits. This is Wishing script is provided by Tech RipoN and All Hindi Me Help. All the download links are given above.

Thanks for Reading ! I hope you like it.