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Get Unlimited Free Mobile Recharge On Every SIM - Andro Lift

Is it possible to recharge free mobile?

Yes, even in today's time, you can get a recharge in free where people just kill their loved ones for a little money. Here the question arises that finally who is free to recharge? Many of you will know the answer and tell those who do not know that there are companies that offer free recharging in the form of apps for which you have to make some other apps for your Android Need to download in the device. With these apps, you can recharge in any SIM free of charge whenever you want.
To recharge the mobile, you will also need an internet connection with smartphones, without it you will not be able to recharge it for free. There is a lot of ways to make money online, but the most appealing and precise method is to use the best rechargeable apps which have been described below. The best part is that you do not have to pay even for using these apps, meaning that all these apps are available in free.
If you search on internet then you will get a long list of free apps for recharge. But they are not all true because some of them are apps that do not even provide one rupee. So here I have told about 3 popular free Recharge Apps which are in trend now so that you can earn a lot of money for the recharge.

#1. True Balance

True balance app is new to the Play Store, which was created by the True Caller company. This also gives you the money to recharge the app for free recharge and download. After giving a referral link to your friend, if he signs up in this app then you will get a fee of 10 rupees immediately. You will also get this money and your friend too. If you refer to 10 people in a day, you can easily get 100 rupees. You can earn extra money by not just mentioning it but by completing some given offers.

#2. CashBoss

CashBoss is the best way to recharge mobile. It's new to the online market now and there is also a plan for Refer & Earn in order to improve its app. It provides 10 rupees per successful referral. And every day the competition is also organized in which you can make a lot of money by taking part. You can also use the money earned from this app as shopping vouchers on online shopping websites like Flipkart and Amazon.

#3. Slide App

Paytm is the best app to earn cash from the Slide app. After signing up, you will get a bonus of 5 rupees, which will register in the account only after entering the otp by registering with the mobile number and verifying. The Slide app is different from the rest of the app because in it you do not have to complete a task. This app shows some advertisements or news articles on your locked mobile screen that you have to swipe up and add as many times as you swipe into your account. You can earn 200-300 per day from this app and send it to your Paytm account.

How To Use ?

1. Install any of the apps mentioned above on your Android phone.
2. Then sign up with your mobile number to register it.
3. After pressing the button of the sign up, your personal details will be given in it such as mobile number, language password and country code. Fill all these things up and forth.
4. Now the OTP will be sent to your number to verify the mobile number given to you. Use this code to verify the mobile number.
5. After verifying, click Log In and start earning money by giving your mobile number and password.
6. Whenever you are asked to complete the offers or tasks you have to complete them.
7. Each time you complete your task, you will get extra money which will automatically be added to the account.
8. You can make a lot of money by giving your referral link to your friends. The more people who download those apps from your referral link, the more money you will get.

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