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Which is best ? Hopeless land Vs PUBG Lite Vs Garena Free Fire

Hello Friends,

I am Naman and I am here with a very intersting but a tough question.
Which is Best ?
Hopeless Land OR Garena Free Fire OR PUBG Lite
Here, I am not taking "PUBG Mobile" because of its big size and high graphic. Instead of PUBG I am taking PUBG Lite.
So, The question is which is best ?

#1 Hopeless Land

Hopeless land is a very good battle royale game in which upto 121 players fight in one fatal survival game at same time. The best and unique concept is you can fly a helicopter and target your enemy ! . Yes, heard right you can fly a helicopter. Best thing of the game is " it's Size" Only 317 MB.

#2 PUBG Lite

PUBG Lite is the "lite" version of the real "PUBG Mobile" Games. It is a best game for PUBG lovers who cannot download real PUBG Mobile because of it's big size Or Lagging Problem. Main Features - 40 Players online in one match.

- Voice Chat Feature
Size - About 250 MB

#3 Garena Free Fire

Last but not the least, Garena Free Fire is the best battle royale game. First of all, I like it's graphic very much and it is lag free for all low-end devices. 50 Players play together in one match with voice chat feature . Size - About 350 MB

So, Which is best ?

According to me, Garena free fire is best for you. Because of it's high graphic and voice chat feature. I personally recommended you to play this game.

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